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Welcome to the Calm “N” Cuddled website.  So you would like to buy a Weighted Blanket for you or your child(ren), but you’re not sure where to start.  We understand that because there are various kinds of weighted blankets the task of finding and selecting the one can be daunting, and because they are called by different names such as sensory weighted blankets, gravity weighted blankets, cooling weighted blanket, therapeutic weighted blankets, etc., this only adds to the complexity of the task of choosing.

Well, no worries,  you’ve come to the right place.  We’re here to make it easier for you, so keep reading, and you will learn all you need to know about  how to buy weighted blankets,  such as “do weighted blankets help anxiety?”, “Does it alleviate insomnia?”, “Will it help to ease restless leg syndrome?”, are they good for children with special needs such as autism, ADHD, Asperger syndrome or other developmental disorders. 

In addition, you will also learn about Deep pressure stimulation” which is a wonderful hug-like sensation brought about by weighted blankets; and we call this  sensation “The Weighted Blanket Experience.” 

Before you run out to the mall, or to mother interweb with a credit card in hand, stop, and let us answers questions that you might have such as:

  1. “do weighted blankets help with anxiety?”,

  2. “do weighted blankets help with insomnia?”

  3. “will a weighted blanket help me sleep better?”

  4. “are weighted blankets safe for kids, toddlers, the elderly? etc.,

Let’s listen in…


There are many questions on this topic, they on and on, but again, no worries, just give us a few minutes of your time, and we will straighten out the complexities, as well as provide a few recommendations to help you make an informed purchase decision, and chose the right and best-weighted blanket for you or your child(ren).


During these unsettling times, Calm “N” Cuddled understands the importance of a refreshing and good night’s sleep.  Keeping calm these days, seem to be easier said than done.  What with all the negative news on television, computers, and cell phones, people are daily and constantly being bombarded with disturbing news, and many are unwittingly recording and storing these things in their subconscious minds, disturbing their inner-peace, sense of well-being and ability to get quality sleep, and to keep calm.

But you know, it is do-able.  Listen, Weighted therapy blankets for adult anxiety and stress has been reported to relieve people from stresses that can bring about certain sleep disorders.

Sensa Calm(affiliate link)

According to a study at Healthline, “Deep pressure stimulation” is a hands-on method that applies pressure to relax the nervous system relieving pain, decreases anxiety, and may even improve mood and disposition.  Also according to Healthline,  deep pressure stimulation does not have to be completely hands-on, as weighted blankets can generate the same pressure that comes from having the blanket wrapped around and hugging the body.

Current events are one of many causes of added stress, and anxiety, and may even be robbing people of the benefits of a healthy, refreshing and restful night’s sleep.  It is a proven medical fact that sleep and rest are vital to one’s overall heart health and well-being. This is why at Calm “N” Cuddled, we want to tell folks about “The Weighted Blanket Experience.”


Sleeping under a weighted blanket that is properly-suited for one’s weight and age has been compared to a gentle squeezing or hug.  This therapeutic-like hug generates a feeling of safety and security and can aid in bringing about an easier, and swifter drift into slumber.

Feeling safe and secure especially at bedtime is essential and the key to better health, productivity, and a sense of well-being in adults and children. Weighted blankets for autism are widely used by parents with children with special needs.

The calming effect triggered by these blankets has been known to help ease children into a more relaxed, and secure state of quality sleep.  It is necessary that all school-age children have quality sleep is essential to a child’s ability to focus, learn and retain, and even more so in children who are already challenged with Autism, ADHD, and other Developmental Disorders.

A weighted blanket for a child with autism or other developmental issues has proven to be beneficial on many levels. They have had such a medicinal-like effect on both children and adult physical and mental capacities.   This effect has been referred to as therapeutic in some ways.  Let’s explore “therapeutic” for just a moment. Only bear in mind that we at Calm “N” Cuddled are NOT medical professionals. These are simply personal, and first-hand accounts of those who have embraced the “Weighted Blanket Experience.


The therapeutic effects of weighted blankets include but are not limited to:

    1.  weighted blankets adults the relief of restless leg syndrome,
    2. Decreases the effects of stresses that come with adult life and living.
    3. Weighted blankets are also therapeutic to seniors, and seniors with dementia.

Studies have revealed weighted blankets calm nerves, and promote deep refreshing, and healing sleep, as well as bring about a calming effect on children with Autism, and sensory processing disorders or ADHD.


Now we know, that people come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, etc., and as we vary in ethnicities and cultures, so it goes in sleeping habits, sleeping routines, needs, and requirements for a good night’s sleep. Now because people vary, weighted blankets come in a variety of weights, sizes, and fillers, and each person will have to determine which is right for him/her.

Please note, however,  if you have medical issues or conditions, please, please first check with your doctor, or medical professional before you buy a weighted blanket. Selecting the wrong weight may cause more harm than good to your health, and undermine the quality sleep it is designed to induce, robbing you of the amazing benefits that the weighted blanket was designed to bestow.

So now that we’ve gotten that out the way, let’s continue.

People are different, and each one is unique.  We vary even when it comes down to sleeping habits, bedtime routines, and sleep aid preferences.  Yes, that’s right.  We are varied sleepers

Some of us are side-sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, then there are the walk, talk, grind the teeth, laugh in their sleep, sleepers, and there are even the feel the night chill sleepers, while there are sleepers who nearly melt away from overheating, and awaken wet and soggy from sweating the night away.


Well for these night sweaters, for you, here’s an “ah, hah!” moment! I will sum it up for you in three words – “Cooling Weighted Blankets.”  Now one might be asked, how can a weighted blanket be cool?  Well, it can.  I’ll explain.

Sleeping under a weighted blanket during the fall and winter seasons is a given.  Everyone enjoys the warmth and cozy, comfy weighted blanket on a cold winter’s night. But what happens when the weather breaks and Spring peaks through the frost, and is soon followed by the crazy, hazy days of summer.  No worries!  You do not have to sacrifice embracing the “Weighted Blanket Experience!” because of the warmer months. 


I mean first of all, who would have thunk it, Bamboo?  As a fabric, What!?  You heard it right. Now because of the arrival of bamboo weighted blankets for adults, people who are predisposed to night sweats can still enjoy the Deep Pressure Stimulation of a weighted blanket. 

Most people, if you are like me during the summer months, enjoy turning the air conditioner on high, and then snuggle on a load of covers. Go figure, right! But I digress. Getting back to Cooling Weighted Blankets.

Cooling Weighted Blankets are made from a cotton/polyester blend.  This particular blend is known to wick away moisture, allowing the body to remain cool throughout the night. Other cooling blankets are made of bamboo viscose fabric. There will be more on this lin a subsequent post.

Cooling Weighted Blankets for adults may be ideal, as well as good news to hot sleepers.  Hot sleepers can still enjoy the therapeutic-like hug of deep pressure stimulation but without the discomfort of overheating and sweating the night away.  

Calm “N” cozy certainly hope that we have helped you to make an informed Weighted Blanket buying decision for you and your family. If so, please feel free to leave a comment or question below, and I will get back to you.

Calm"N" Cuddled


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