I remember years ago when I had moved into my first apartment. Being excited at having finally reached the 

age of independence, there I was at last now on my own. This is gonna be great! Well, it was great, that is until night fell, an

d I found myself all alone for the first time. I was a bit unnerved, and a little uneasy. Okay, a lot uneasy.

Soon it became time for bed and to sleep, for which neither I was not ready to do. My mind was railing. I had never been alone before. But because I had to get up early for work the next day, I made myself slide in under the covers, which included a heavy red old blanket given to me by my sister. It was an heirloom.

The weight of the blanket to my delight as well as my surprise made me feel calm, and safe, and before I know it, I went out for the count! I only remember waking up refreshed and feeling well-rested.

Who know! Who know that this heavy old weighted blanket would for me save the day, (I mean night.) There is a lot to be said for weighted blankets, and the one thing I can say is it is indeed an “Experience.”

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